Is The Best Web Site Traffic Building Tool Article Writing?

With the increasing use of so many great search engine optimization techniques to drive traffic to web sites, many people question whether or not the best web site traffic building tool is article writing.

What if the problem is many think it is too simple; do you wonder if driving a lot of traffic to your site has got to be more complicated than just writing down 400 or 500 words and visitors start coming to your site?

There is not and exact yes or no answer here. Throwing together 400 or so words in an informative article is a excellent start. You need to be sure also, that you not only have a lot of content that keeps the attention of your audience and gets you high rankings in search engines, but you have to have content that is useful to your readers (and hopefully soon to be customers) coming back to your site many times.

Article writing can help benefit your website greatly in many ways. Here are two:

1 – Backlinks Pointing to Your Website

What are these backlinks? Basically they are the link (the URL of your site) on another website. This is also said to be a link pointing to your website. The higher quality and the quantity of backlinks play a big role in getting high rankings in the search engines for your site.

One of the best and ethical ways of getting backlinks is to submit articles to article directories. This tactic is a great web site traffic building tool. You can get many backlinks to you sites in a short amount of time simply by writing articles and submitting them to free article directories. Just do a search for directory sites and info.

This will add to the number of hits to your website and it also might grab the attention of people who might be reading articles in a directory on other subjects and happen to run across yours, giving them information on just what your website is all about.

2 – Provide You With Web Content

This is also a wonderful web site traffic building tool – using your articles on your site. You will draw great attention from search engines, and their users, providing you have helpful content and keyword rich web pages. Help people solve a problem with your content and they will stay on your site longer. Helping you in the chance for an affiliate sale, Adsense click, or getting a new newsletter subscriber.

There are so many ways that article writing can be a great traffic building tool.There are plenty of free places on the web for you to place your articles to receive the exposure that you want for your site, and you will join the rankings of other seasoned webmasters who picked up on the excellence of article writing as a web site traffic building tool long ago.

Authors love article submission directories. Don’t feel you can write good articles? It really is easier than you think, but you could also hire a ghostwriter. There are many places on the web to get this done for a reasonable price. Simply do a search.

A lot of the top sites today use the benefits of articles for building long term traffic and boosting them to the top search engine rankings. Don’t wait, start today cranking out articles for you site; get them to the top article directories and don’t forget to add them to your on web pages to add great content!